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Programs and projects are listed by title, but you can also select to list them by reach and focus.


Details and links (where available) relating to relevant programs, projects and lessons learned are collected here.

When you click on one of the headings of the table, the list will be sorted according to that heading. For more information about the program, click on the title.

If you have information you would like to have included on this page please contact us.

Title Reach Focus
A Comprehensive Approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tobacco Control National
A Woman Centred Approach to Aboriginal Women's Smoking WA
Aboriginal Males Shedding the Smokes SA
Aboriginal Quitline NSW, QLD, VIC
Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Program (Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre) TAS
Anti Smoking Campaign VIC
Apunipima Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle Program QLD
Asthma and Smoking Prevention Project NT
B.strong Brief Intervention Training Program QLD
Beyond the Big Smoke WA
Beyond Today - It's Up to You ACT
Bila Muuji Smoking Cessation Project NSW
Butt Out Boondah (smoke) NSW
Cherbourg Healthy Pregnancies Project QLD
Cherbourg Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Project QLD
Continuous Care Improvement (CCI) WA
Daisy Petals Program WA
Deadly Choices QLD
Developing Persuasive Messages to Support Rural Aboriginal Australians to Quit Smoking National
Development of the Stay Strong iPad App NT
Don't Let Your Dreams Go Up In Smokes SA
Don't Make Smokes Your Story National
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program VIC
Empowering Strong Families - 4077 QLD
Event Support Program (ESP) QLD
Feet First (Thoolngoonj Bowirn) WA
Gippsland Tobacco and Healthy Lifestyle Team (GTAHLT) VIC
Give Up Smokes For Good SA
Give Up the Smokes (GUTS) NSW
Gugan Gulwan Drug and Alcohol Program ACT
Gugan Gulwan Street Beat Program ACT
Health Matters WA
HealthLAB Project NT
Healthy Lifestyle and Tobacco Cessation Program NT
Healthy Lifestyles Program NT
Healthy Pregnancies, Healthy Babies for Koori communities VIC
Healthy Start, Healthy Life National
Healthy Starts (Te Piripohotanga) International
Healthy Ways Project SA
Heart Health 'For Our People, by Our People' WA
Hero Rewards National, QLD
Improving Indigenous Health in Regional Communities NT, QLD
Indigenous Counselling and Nicotine (ICAN) QUIT in Pregnancy: Developing an Evidence-Based Intervention for Smoking Cessation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pregnant Women NSW
Indigenous smoking initiatives WA
Indigenous Tobacco Control Initiative National
Indigenous Women's Project: Newborns Asthma and Parental Smoking (NAPS) WA
It's Your Choice, Now! NSW
Kakadu 100 Quit Club NT
Kick The Butt VIC
Kick the Habit Campaign NSW
KidsQuit Smoking Cessation Brief Interventions NSW
Lifescripts: Advice for Healthy Living National
Live Longer! National
Maayu Mali NSW
Maningrida Smoke-Busters NT
Marrin Weejali Aboriginal Alcohol and Other Drug Programs NSW
Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes of Maternal Pituri Use National
Maternal Health Tackling Smoking Program SA
Milingimbi Tobacco Project NT
Monitoring and Evaluating Aboriginal Tobacco Control NT
Moort Boodjari Mia WA
National Tobacco Campaign National
No Durri For This Murri QLD
No More Boondah ACT
No More Nyumree WA
No Smokes National
No smokes North Coast, Blow Away the Smokes Project NSW
Nuff of the Puff WA
Our Lungs, Our Mob Workshops National
Pilbara Community Alcohol and Drug Service (PCADS) WA
Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Among Indigenous Australians NSW
Puyu Blaster (Keep it Corka) SA
Puyu Paki (Don't smoke - Give it up) WA
Puyu Wanti WA
Puyu Wanti Tobacco Program SA
Quit for New Life program NSW
Quit For You Quit For Two National
Quitline National
Quitline Aboriginal Liaison Team (QALT) community engagement project WA
Reducing Aboriginal Children's Tobacco Smoke Exposure in the Pilbara (Smoke Free Kids Project) WA
Reducing Dangers During Pregnancy Project NSW
Reducing Smoking In The ACT among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women Who Are Pregnant Or Who Have Young Children ACT
Reducing the Risk of SUDI in Aboriginal Communities WA
Regional Tackling Tobacco and Healthy Lifestyles Program QLD
Rewrite Your Story SA
Smoke Free Mob VIC
SmokeCheck QLD
SmokeCheck: the NSW Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tobacco Prevention Project NSW
Smoking Among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People National
Smoking Cessation Program WA
Smoking Cessation Program (Derby) WA
Smoking Cessation Program (Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services) WA
Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical Activity (SNAP) Into Life Project WA
Social Media to Enhance Indigenous Tobacco Control NT
Solid Boodjari Yorgas (Indigenous pregnancy and smoking research project) WA
Starting to Smoke: Smoking Among Young People NT
Stay Strong and Healthy It's Worth It Campaign NSW
Stayin' Strong QLD
Staying On Track: Reducing Substance Use WA
Stickin' It Up The Smokes SA
Stronger Communities for Children NT
Substance Misuse Program (SMP) QLD
Substance use/ social and emotional wellbeing (Katherine West Health Board Aboriginal Corporation) NT
Tackling Indigenous Smoking (WACHS) NSW
Tackling Indigenous Smoking program National
Tackling Indigenous Smoking: A Randomised Controlled Study of Healthy Intervention "SNAP" in Northern Territory Prisons NT
Tackling Smoking SA
Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle Program WA
Tackling Tobacco Program (Regional Tackling Indigenous Smoking and Healthy Lifestyles) NT
Tackling Tobacco Team (VAHS) VIC
Talking About the Smokes (TATS) National
The Balaang and Binjilaang Aboriginal Women Tobacco Intervention Project NSW
The Gnumaries hurt program WA
The Top End Smoke-Free Spaces Project NT
The West Australian Indigenous Storybook WA
Time To Quit QLD
Tobacco Action Mob WA
Tobacco and Healthy Lifestyles WA
Tobacco Cessation (Pangula Mannamurna Inc) SA
Tobacco Cessation Team VIC
Tobacco Resistance and Control (A-TRAC) Program NSW
Tomorrow's Dream WA
Top End Tobacco Project NT
Waminda Aboriginal Women's Health and Wellbeing Program ('Dead or Deadly?') NSW
Women and Newborn Drug and Alcohol Service (WANDAS) WA
Women's Checkout Program VIC
Workplace Tobacco Management Project ACT
Yadhaba (Wellbeing) Team NSW
Yarning it Up - Don't Smoke it Up WA
Young Aboriginal Support Program (YASP) TAS
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