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Regulation and control


Australian National Council on Drugs (2014)

Mandatory treatment: position paper.

Canberra: Australian National Council on Drugs

Brady M (2014)

Law reforming lawyers and Aboriginal social controls: the case of the Western Australian Aboriginal communities act.

Australian Indigenous Law Review; 17(1): 38-46

Karam J, Sinclair G, Rackstraw L (2014)

Dignity, diversion, home and hope: a review of interventions for volatile substance misuse in regional North Queensland.

Canberra: Australian Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

This report documents current volatile substance misuse (VSM) interventions in central, north and Far North Queensland. It examines qualitative and statistical data to determine evidence-based local responses to address VSM. The report draws on data from the project, Youth empowered towards independence (YETI) and documents a set of practice principles within the local context.

The findings and subsequent recommendations, which are presented in the report, are aimed at identifying the services, and collaborative processes that were found to more effectively address inhalant use within the community.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Northern Territory Department of Health (2014)

Volatile substance abuse (VSA) management areas and plans.

Retrieved 2014 from

This web page provides information on Volatile substance abuse management plans in the Northern Territory and how to use volatile substances responsibly. Other information includes:

  • guidelines for contractors visiting communities
  • a list of communities with Volatile substance abuse management plans
  • powers vested under the Volatile substance abuse prevention act.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract


Cussen T, Payne J, Marks D (2013)

Policing alcohol and illicit drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in metropolitan environments.

Canberra: National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

Lopes J, Flouris A, Lindeman MA (2013)

Youth development programs in central Australian aboriginal communities: a review of the literature.

Youth Studies Australia; 32(1): 55-62

Northern Territory volatile substance abuse prevention act (2013)

Northern Territory Government

Ray T (2013)

Influencing policies on youth and petrol sniffing: the work of CAYLUS.

Paper presented at the CAEPR Seminar. 24 April 2013, Australian National University


Entwhistle P, Entwhistle D (2012)

First review of alcohol and drugs (AOD) Indigenous communities project (2011-2014) May 2012.

Darwin: Amity Community Services

Gray D (2012)

Community-wide approaches to substance misuse.

In: Lee K, Freeburn B, Ella S, Miller W, Perry J, Conigrave K, eds. Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work. Sydney: University of Sydney: 331-342

This chapter is from the Handbook for Aboriginal alcohol and drug work and provides information for alcohol and other drug (AOD) workers on community-wide approaches to substance misuse, including:

  • engaging with communities to address drug and alcohol issues
  • what communities can do to prevent or limit drinking problems.

Abstract adapted from the University of Sydney

John Scougall Consulting Services (2012)

Keeping people safe: an evaluation of the Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Service.

Perth: Australian Policy Online

Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (2012)

The chroming report: a Government framework for children-in-care.

Brisbane: Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian

This report, produced by the Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian, provides information on the services available to children in Queensland who are 'chroming', a form of volatile substance misuse. This report provides information on:

  • how and why the report was produced
  • what chroming is and the associated health effects of chroming
  • case studies
  • analysis of service delivery and issues relating to service delivery
  • current service delivery framework
  • recommendations for future direction.

The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian is no longer operational, however the document is still available to access.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Senior k, William I, Chenhall R, Cunningham T, Nagel T, Loyd R, McMahon R (2012)

Developing successful diversionary schemes for youth from remote Aboriginal communities.

Canberra: Criminology Research Advisory Council


d'Abbs P, MacLean S (2011)

Petrol sniffing interventions among Australian Indigenous communities through product substitution: from skunk juice to Opal.

Substance Use & Misuse; 46(s1): 99-106

Maclean SJ, D'Abbs PHN (2011)

Five challenges for volatile substance misuse policy and intervention in Australia.

Drug and Alcohol Review; 30(2): 223–227

Marel A (2011)

Contested domains: regulating responses to volatile substance misuse in the Alice Springs town camps.

Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology thesis, University of New South Wales: Sydney

Midford R, MacLean S, Catto M, Thomson N, Debuyst O (2011)

Review of volatile substance use among Indigenous people.

Perth, WA: Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

Putt J (2011)

Review of the Substance Abuse Intelligence Desks and Dog Operations Units.

Canberra: Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Last updated: 22 May 2017
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