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General: National


Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (2015)

National drug strategy 2016-2025: draft for public consultation.

Canberra: Australian Government


Marcus D, Shaw D (2013)

Whole of strategy evaluation of the petrol sniffing strategy: future directions for the PSS: final report.

Canberra: Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs


Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (2011)

National drug strategy 2010-2015.

Canberra: Australian Government

The National drug strategy 2010-2015 is a framework for action on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

The aim of the National drug strategy 2010-2015 is to build safe and healthy communities by minimising alcohol, tobacco and other drug-related health, social and economic harms among individuals, families and communities.

The National drug strategy 2010-2015 is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 provides background and explains the conceptual framework of the strategy
  • Part 2 details specific objectives and suggested actions under each pillar
  • Part 3 discusses the supporting approaches of workforce, evidence, performance monitoring and governance.

Abstract adapted from the National drug strategy


Australian National Council on Drugs (2008)

National corrections drug strategy 2006-2009.

Canberra: Australian National Council on Drugs

Department of Health and Ageing (2008)

Petrol sniffing prevention program.

Retrieved 27 October, 2008 from


Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (2004)

The National Drug Strategy: Australia's integrated framework 2004-2009.

Canberra: Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy

The National drug strategy 2004-2009 provided a framework for a coordinated, integrated approach to drug issues in the Australian community. It has been superceded by The National drug strategy 2010-2015.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet abstract

Last updated: 27 April 2016
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