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Indigenous Diversion Program



The Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP) is a culturally secure program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, available in some regional areas of Western Australia (WA). It works similarly to the Pre-sentence Opportunity Program (POP) - an early intervention program to assist people who have drug use problems and are attending court - and is coordinated locally by Indigenous Diversion Officers.

Anybody who has reason to address the court about the offender's case can recommend the offender be assessed by a Diversion Officer for the program. However, referral to the program is at the magistrate's discretion. If referred to the program, the participant's case will be remanded for approximately eight weeks to allow the offender time to access treatment for their drug use. The Indigenous Diversion Officer coordinates the treatment process.

Following treatment, the offender returns to court for sentencing.

Contact the Alcohol and Drug Support Line or speak to the Drug Diversion Officer at your local magistrate's court for more information.

Abstract adapted from Mental Health Commission of Western Australia


Alcohol and Drug Support Line
Ph: (08) 9442 5000 (metro)
Ph: 1800 198 024 (country)

Mental Health Commission of Wetsern Australia
Level 5, 81 St George's Terrace
Perth WA 6000
GPO Box X2299
Perth Business Centre WA 6847
Ph: (08) 6272 1200
Fax: (08) 6272 1299

Related publications

Indigenous Diversion Program (2016)

Mental Health Commission

This brochure provides information on the Western Australian (WA) Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP). The IDP is a court diversion program that aims to help Aboriginal people with their alcohol and other drug issues by directing them into treatment before sentencing.

The brochure was produced by the former Drug and Alcohol Office of WA, now known as the Mental Health Commission.

Abstract adapted from Drug and Alcohol Office WA

Evaluated publications

Hughes C, Ritter A (2008)

A summary of diversion programs for drug and drug-related offenders in Australia.

Sydney: Drug Policy Modelling Program

Strategic Edge Consulting (2009)

Indigenous participation in the WA Diversion Project evaluation - barriers and strategies to participation in adult court diversion programs: final report.

Perth, WA: Western Australian Drug and Alcohol Office

Crime Research Centre (2007)

WA Diversion Program – evaluation framework (POP/STIR/IDP): final report and summary report.

Perth: Western Australia Drug and Alcohol Office

The summary report is an outline of three court based illicit drug diversion programs operating in Western Australia (WA). The programs include the Pre-sentence Opportunity Program (POP), Indigenous Diversion Program (IDP) and the Supervised Treatment Intervention Regime (STIR).

The final report evaluates the findings from these programs and also provides the outcomes of health and drug analysis, recidivism analysis, cost-benefit analysis and legal analysis.

Abstract adapted from Crime Research Centre


Last updated: 21 August 2017
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