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Examining the critical factors in Aboriginal non-smoking



This research project aimed to better understand the factors that play a role in Aboriginal smokers in Western Australia (WA) effectively quitting smoking or avoiding starting.

The project was undertaken by the Kulunga Research Network at Telethon Kids Institute and the Cancer Council WA, and followed on from a previous initiative which involved an evaluation of the response of Aboriginal people to the advertising linked to the Make smoking history campaign.

The research aimed to provide the Cancer Council (WA) with a better understanding of Aboriginal peoples' views, issues and experiences with regard to effectively quitting smoking or avoiding starting. This includes:

The project found that people chose not to smoke and quit for a number of reasons, which included: family; social norms; group dynamics; and peer pressure. The research additionally found that there was a 'sense of self' among participants which seemingly underpinned their actions and ability to remain strong as a non-smoker or effective quitter.

It is hoped that outcomes from the project will be utilised to inform future health promotion campaigns and projects targeting Aboriginal families in regional and metropolitan communities. 

Abstract adapted from Telethon Kids Institute


Narelle Heydon
Senior Policy and Research Officer
Cancer Council Western Australia
Ph: (08) 9388 4371

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Last updated: 17 March 2016
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