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Looking Forward: Aboriginal Mental Health Project



The Looking Forward: Aboriginal Mental Health Project aims to improve the effectiveness of alcohol and other drug services and public mental health services for Nyoongar families affected by serious mental health issues in the south east metropolitan corridor of Western Australia (WA).

The goal of the project is to develop a culturally safe mental health framework that will benefit the community and provide a benchmark for Aboriginal health organisations to follow.

The project methodology includes conducting a series of community forums across the region. The forums hope to gain feedback on:

This project is a partnership between public and non-government service providers, general practitioners and other health professionals, Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service, Ruah Community Services, and the Telethon Kids Institute.

Abstract adapted from the Telethon Kids Institute


Telethon Kids Institute
100 Roberts Road
Subiaco WA 6008
PO Box 855
West Perth WA 6872
Ph: (08) 9489 7777
Fax: (08) 9489 7700

Related publications

Wright M, Lin A, O’Connell M (2016)

Humility, inquisitiveness, and openness: key attributes for meaningful engagement with Nyoongar people.

Advances in Mental Health; 14(2): 82-95

Open hearts, open hands: a spiritual journey of change (2013)

Wright M, O'Connell M, Jones T

This handbook was created with the consent of Elders of the Nyoongar community in Perth, Western Australia (WA), and is a working document used primarily by mental health and alcohol and other drug support services in the South-East metropolitan of Perth, WA. Open hearts, open hands: a spiritual journey of change is written in a conversational style as a way to guide readers into an understanding about the complexities and uniqueness of working with Nyoongar people.

Information includes:

The authors acknowledge that the Looking Forward Project is located on Wadjuk boodja and would like to pay their respects to Elders past, present and future, and thank them for their wisdom and guidance in their work.

The Minditj Kaart-Moorditj Kaart framework is copyright 2013, all rights reserved. Dealing with any part of this knowledge for any purpose that has not been authorised by the Elders or their representative may breach customary laws and may breach the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and amendments. The traditional knowledge/traditional cultural expression rights and the Indigenous communal moral rights over such aspects always remain with the Nyoongar people. Use and reference is allowed for the purposes of research or study provided that full and proper attribution is given to the author, knowledge holder and traditional custodian group. For enquiries about permitted use of this information, please see contact details below.

Abstract adapted from the Telethon Kids Institute


Last updated: 22 March 2018
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