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Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Family-Based Intervention for Indigenous Australians with Alcohol Dependence



This study aimed to assess the acceptability, feasibility and likely cost-effectiveness of an individually-focused community reinforcement (CR) intervention and a family-focused community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT) intervention for Indigenous individuals with alcohol dependence, delivered in the context of routine Indigenous-specific, healthcare services. The hypothesis was that the addition of family training (CRAFT) to individually focused intervention (CR only) will be more acceptable and cost-effective, and equally feasible, for Indigenous clients with high levels of alcohol dependence.

An acceptability survey to assess the relative acceptability of CR and CRAFT was administered to 80 new and existing Aboriginal clients of Yoorana Gunya and Lyndon Community. 180 clients was the target sample size for the acceptability survey. Survey findings will assist to identify specific components of CR and CRAFT that will require modification to optimise their uptake during the intervention phase of the project. A training package (combining a clinical manual and program of training and outreach support), to support healthcare practitioners to deliver the CR and CRAFT programs to their clients in routine health care was developed by researchers in collaboration with healthcare practitioners from Yoorana Gunya and Lyndon Community.

Abstract adapted from National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre


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University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW 2052
Ph: (02) 9385 0333
Fax: (02) 9385 0222

Related publications

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Last updated: 25 October 2017
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