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No Title Year Author Type
1 Evaluation of the cashless debit card trial - initial conditions report 2017 ORIMA Research Report
2 Alcohol and its contributory role in fatal drowning in Australian rivers, 2002-2012 2017 Peden, A.E. Franklin, R.C. Leggat, P.A. Journal article
3 Alcohol management plans in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australian communities in Queensland: community residents have experienced favourable impacts but also suffered unfavourable ones 2017 Clough, A.R. Margolis, S.A. Miller, A. Shakeshaft, A. Doran, C.M. McDermott, R. Sanson-Fisher, R. Ypinazar, V. Martin, D. Robertson, J.A. Fitts, M.S. Bird, K. Honorato, B. Towle, S. West, C. Online journal article
4 Closing the Gap Prime Minister's report 2017 2017 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
5 Aboriginal inclusion tool: a tool to improve Aboriginal inclusion in AOD services: working document 2017 Network of Alcohol and Other Drugs Agencies (NADA) Report
6 The feasibility of embedding data collection into the routine service delivery of a multi-component program for high-risk young people 2017 Knight, A. Havard, A. Shakeshaft, A. Maple, M. Snijder, M. Shakeshaft, B. Online journal article
7 Riding the rural radio wave: the impact of a community-led drug and alcohol radio advertising campaign in a remote Australian Aboriginal community 2017 Munro, A. Allan, J. Shakeshaft, A. Snijder, M. Journal article
8 Alcohol policies and legislation review in the Northern Territory 2017 Northern Territory Department of Health Report
9 Supporting the Aboriginal alcohol and other drug workforce in New South Wales, Australia 2017 Lee, K.S. Freeburn, B. Ella, S. Wilson, S. Harrison, K. McEwan, M. Conigrave, K.M. Journal article
10 A bibliometric review of drug and alcohol research focused on Indigenous peoples of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States 2017 Clifford, A. Shakeshaft, A. Journal article
11 Profile of children diagnosed with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a retrospective chart review 2017 Reid, N. Shelton, D. Warner, J. O'Callaghan, F. Dawe, S. Journal article
12 Not your typical alcohol accord: the long-term impact of a voluntary liquor agreement in a small Australian town 2017 Midford, R. McKenzie, J. Mayhead, R. Journal article
13 A practical guide to community-based approaches for reducing alcohol harm 2017 Shakeshaft, A. Electronic source
14 Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention and Health Promotion Resources Package [infographic] 2017 Menzies School of Health Research, Telethon Kids Institute, National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Report
15 Prevalence of microcephaly in an Australian population-based birth defects register, 1980-2015 2017 Hansen, M. Armstrong, P.K. Bower, C. Baynam, G.S. Journal article
16 Prevalence and profile of Neurodevelopment and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) amongst Australian Aboriginal children living in remote communities 2017 Fitzpatrick, J.P. Latimer, J. Olson, H.C. Carter, M. Oscar, J. Lucas, B.R. Doney, R. Salter, C. Try, J. Hawkes, G. Fitzpatrick, E. Hand, M. Watkins, R.E. Tsang, T.W. Bower, C. Ferreira, M.L. Boulton, J. Elliott, E.J. Journal article
17 Maternal alcohol disorders and school achievement: a population cohort record linkage study in Western Australia 2017 Johnson, S.E. O'Leary, C. Bower, C. Lawrence, D. Cunningham, N. Semmens, J. Zubrick, S.R. Online journal article
18 Smarter sentencing and parole law reform: policy paper: key proposals #1 2017 Just Reinvest NSW Report
19 Dealing with the harmful impacts of alcohol: more effective policies urgently required 2017 Langton, M. Smith, K. Conference presentation
20 Primary clinical care manual: 9th edition 2016 Queensland Health Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section) Report
Last updated: 24 Jun 2017
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