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Title Year Author Type
Addressing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in Aboriginal communities 2014 Hayes, L. D’Antoine, H. Carter, M. Book section
Alcohol and pregnancy and FASD research program: research program summary: development of a diagnostic instrument for Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder 2013 Watkins, R.E. Elliott, E.J. Wilkins, A. Mutch, R.C. Fitzpatrick, J.P. Payne, J.M. O'Leary, C.M. Jones, H.M. Latimer, J. Report
Alcohol and pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder resources for health professionals 2009 Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Resource package
Alcohol and pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder [fact sheet] 2009 Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Factsheet
Alcohol and pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a resource for health professionals 2009 Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Booklet
Clinical guidelines for nursing and midwifery practice in NSW: identifying and responding to drug and alcohol issues 2013 Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office Report
Diagnostic guide for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: the 4-digit diagnostic code (3rd edition) 2004 Astley, S. Report
Drinking for two? 2007 Rural Health Education Foundation Audiovisual
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder model of care 2010 Western Australian Department of Health Report
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a guide for midwives 2006 Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia Booklet
Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD): information for people working with children and families 2010 Western Australian Department for Communities Booklet
Information for health professionals on assessing alcohol consumption in pregnancy using AUDIT-C 2014 Australian Department of Health Leaflet
Living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: a guide for parents and caregivers 2011 Drug Education Network Report
National clinical guidelines for the management of drug use during pregnancy, birth and the early development years of the newborn 2006 New South Wales Department of Health Report
Strategies for employment services specialists - and parents and carers: with particular emphasis on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder 2008 Russell, E. Book
Supporting children living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: practice principles 2014 McLean, S. McDougall, S. Russell, V. Electronic source
Last updated: 10 December 2014
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