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Translational research

Translational research

In building on the work of the former Substance use section of the HealthInfoNet, the Knowledge Centre continues to embody translational research at the population level, focusing on the Indigenous population in relation to alcohol and other drugs.

Knowledge synthesis, a central aspect of all translational research (TR), transforms a wide range of health research and other relevant information into forms that are meaningful to people working at improving the health of Indigenous people. The syntheses draw on all the relevant evidence, including the relevant scientific literature and essential contextual evidence.

The reviews are aimed primarily at health practitioners with appropriate tertiary training (at either university or VET level), so we adapt/tailor knowledge to ensure those without this level of education are also informed. Special attention is directed to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers, some of whom may not have benefited from education to upper high school and/or tertiary levels. Each of our reviews is made available in 'plain language' forms.

In recognition of the fact that effective professional practice also needs knowledge arising from professional experience and personal knowledge, as well as a range of contextual knowledge, the Knowledge Centre provides a range of other information such as policies and strategies, health promotion and practice resources, programs and projects, organisations, and publications specific to alcohol and other drugs (AOD).

The Knowledge Centre also facilitates the sharing of knowledge between people working in Indigenous alcohol and other drug use harm minimisation through the 'AOD yarning place' (formerly known as a community of practice). The AOD yarning place is a digital space where people with an interest in Indigenous substance use can share information, knowledge, and experiences. This medium allows workers to speak to each other directly, ask questions, and share experiences in an electronically-mediated environment, allowing for sharing across geographical regions and health sectors.

Bibliographic information is also available from the library-level, online search facility of the Knowledge Centre bibliography. Recent literature and other relevant developments in relation to alcohol and other drug use are summarised in the Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin, the HealthInfoNet’s online peer-reviewed journal.

Last updated: 8 April 2014
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