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Indigenous Health Minister supports mandated Opal fuel distribution proposal

Date posted: 7 August 2012

Indigenous Health Minister, Warren Snowdon, has given his support to a proposed Federal mandate that would make the sale of low-aromatic fuel in 'problem areas' compulsory.

Minister Snowdon says the voluntary rollout of Opal fuel in remote areas has been successful, and that it is alarming that some petrol stations are still refusing to sell the fuel to curb volatile substance use in Indigenous communities.

A Senate Committee inquiry was held in Alice Springs recently to examine evidence for making the sale of Opal fuel in certain areas compulsory.

Health providers estimate about 90% of petrol stations in Central Australia stock Opal fuel currently. The Aboriginal-owned Alice Springs Caltex station only sells Opal fuel, and distributes to communities from the Western Australian coast to the Queensland border, and north to Tennant Creek.

The station says low-aromatic petrol has made a difference to the level of petrol sniffing in remote communities, and has given evidence to the Senate Committee on this matter.

Source: ABC News (Darwin)


Last updated: 8 August 2012
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