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Report card for Katherine alcohol plan

Date posted: 14 July 2016

The Katherine Regional Action Group (KRAG) have met with the Katherine community in the Northern Territory to discuss a collective approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander alcohol related issues. Mayor Fay Miller said she and other concerned community members would not give up on finding solutions to alcohol problems in Katherine. The decision was made as the result of the community meeting where Dr Peter d’Abbs, a sociologist, delivered an evaluation of the Katherine alcohol management plan.

Dr d’Abbs has a research background in alcohol and other drug use, particularly in northern Australia. In introducing Professor d’Abbs, a Katherine Councillor said the establishment of the plan had been a long road.

'Now I’m an outsider, I don’t live in Katherine and you can tell me to shut up if you want to, but I am increasingly plagued with a sense that this [is] not just about alcohol, said Dr d'Abbs. 'I think we tend to collectively delude ourselves that it is. The arguments about alcohol are about the place of Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people in our town. I can't help feeling that this is a kind of doomed dialogue. A neat solution is not going to fall from the sky,' he said.

There was strong support in the room for the point of sale intervention (POSI). The Mayor claimed that the effects of the intervention were immediately observed.

Further concern was also expressed that POSI could lead to home drinking and domestic violence, exposing more women and children to danger.

Professor d’Abbs said solutions needed to address both alcohol supply reduction and demand reduction. He also noted that the growing problem of cannabis in outback communities should also not be underestimated.

Source: Katherine Times


Last updated: 19 July 2016
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