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Aboriginal leaders push to make Davenport community alcohol-free zone

Date posted: 8 March 2016

Leaders in the Aboriginal community of Davenport, north of Adelaide in South Australia (SA) are pushing to make the area a dry zone in a bid to reduce alcohol-fueled violence.

There are about 100 residents in Davenport, however numbers increase during summer, as does alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour, according to community leader, Max Wicham. To reduce violence, local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders are taking matters into their own hands by creating a by-law to ban drinking in public areas. Under a current proposal, residents will be able to consume alcohol inside their own homes, but nowhere else.

Aboriginal leader, Malcolm McKenzie, said it would hopefully reduce problems that stem from substance use. 'We're not going to say, 'people, you can't drink no more', you can't do that,' he said. 'But have it in a controlled way where people can have a drink and feel safe. I see this as Aboriginal people really getting on top of this and showing that we can do it, with the support of governments.'

Source: ABC News


Last updated: 8 March 2016
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