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Warren de With: low aromatic unleaded fuel advocate

Date posted: 11 June 2015

Long-time Katherine resident, and avid recreational fisherman, Warren de With, has explored most of the Northern Territory's waterways.

Fishing is both his business and his passion. Warren divides his time between running his family business, a Katherine's sporting and fishing tackle shop, and fulfilling his role as President of the Amateur Fishing Association of the NT.

He is also an advocate of using low aromatic unleaded fuel in boats, cars and generators, particularly in areas where petrol sniffing is a problem for local communities.

'I have seen the testing BP did on boat engines when they came out with the 'New and Improved Opal' and I was satisfied you could use it instead of regular unleaded with no problems,' Warren said.

'I think it's important for locals and tourists to realise that the decisions you make about using low aromatic unleaded fuel will help the children in our community grow healthier and stronger.

'If you come across an area where you can only use low aromatic unleaded fuel, you should be aware that it works the same as unleaded fuel. It's there for a reason, to help the community grow stronger, and the children healthier. It is one small thing that you, as a traveller, can do to help,' Warren said.



Last updated: 10 June 2015
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