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Increase in petrol sniffing recorded in Tennant Creek, NT

Date posted: 20 November 2012

The Central Australian youth link up service (CAYLUS) says there has been a recent outbreak of petrol sniffing in Tennant Creek, Northern Territory (NT).

CAYLUS coordinator, Blair McFarland, says up to 50 people in the area have started sniffing.

'There's a whole bunch of petrol sniffers spread out across a whole bunch of communities in the southern Barkly that we're definitely aware of,' he said. 'And opportunistically when cars float around with petrol, sniffable petrol, in them then people jump on the band wagon.'

Mr McFarland says that a lack of programs for young people, and an availability of 'sniffable' fuel, mean the problem is growing in the Barkly region.

'There's hardly any sniffing down here [around Alice Springs] because Opal is rolled out really widely and [there are] good youth programs, Mr McFarland said.

'But now the Barkly region is really falling behind. They haven't got much youth program funding and Opal is only available in some places and the numbers of sniffers has increased.'

CAYLUS' mission is to support community initiatives that improve quality of life, and address substance use issues affecting young people. The program is run by Tangentyere Council in the NT, and provides resources and information, including factsheets and brochures on volatile substance use and Opal unleaded fuel.

Source: ABC News


Central Australian youth link up service (CAYLUS)
4 Elder Street
Alice Springs NT 0870
PO Box 8070
Alice Springs NT 0871
Ph: (08) 8951 4236
Fax: (08) 8952 8521


Last updated: 20 November 2012
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